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19 Oct 2016 16:12

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Why the Nintendo Wii is the Best Console Game

The compact console device, online features, games, and channels are just some of the reasons why the Nintendo Wii is the best console game on the market. It allows people of all ages to have some fun, use their brains, and get a workout without ever leaving their homes. There is so much to this system, no wonder it has been a best-seller for several years.

The console comes packaged with sports games, a remote control, several controllers, a sensor bar, a connection cable, and a power cord. The cost of the package is $199.99, but retailers sometimes reduce the price during certain times of year, such as before holidays. Some gaming stores also offer refurbished systems at even lower prices, so do a bit of comparison shopping.

These systems connect to the Internet, making them suitable for purposes other than just stand-alone gaming. Online features include a game library in the Wii Shop Channel, streaming of TV shows and movies using Netflix, online game play with friends, and other great options. Individuals can even use the system to browse the Web and check email.

The games available for this system are the best reasons to buy the product. There is everything from classics like Super Mario to the newest fitness workouts. Individuals can purchase additional controllers and accessories in order to play specialty games and do exercise routines. The balance board allows users to get their bodies in shape doing things like yoga and track their progress toward fitness goals using the Fit Plus application.

These are just a few reasons why the Nintendo Wii is the best console game. The system is small and can fit anywhere and the controllers and accessories are also portable. A huge variety of games, the ability to access the Internet, and capability to play online with friends are some of the main features that make this game so desirable. Every household should have this system because it has something to meet everyone's needs.
Mario Kart 7

Mario Kart 7 is essentially Mario Kart Wii without the bikes. Which is unfortunate, because I loved the bikes! However, it is a good game. It's not hard to take an already good game and make it portable, but there isn't a lot to offer when the series has already offered so much. This is not the problem though, since it doesn't try very hard to offer anything new.

Single Player

Before we get into what's new, let me rundown the game for you. It is essentially an arcade style racer. It always has been and from what it looks like it always will. The single player takes place on 8 different cups with 4 tracks on each. Half of the tracks are re-mastered tracks from the previous games and the other half is all new. You will race amongst 7 other racers in a competition to place first in each cup. Very simple.

You have access to 3 different speeds that determine difficulty and an additional un-lockable mirror version of the hardest difficulty. The formula is tried and tested, although it may feel a bit dated, there really isn't any successful competition to Mario Kart. It hasn't changed because it does what it does and it does it well.

The game is fun, you can pick it up for a quick 15 minute play and have a blast without investing hours of your time. However, if you are looking for a deep racer then this is not for you.


The gameplay is quite hectic, the way the game is structured is that no matter what position your in, you still have a chance to come first. This is because of the items you are given randomly in the race. The worse your position, the better the items. Again, that's nothing new for MK veterans, and you will find that the new items aren't game changers at all. So lets go over what is really new; gyro controls, fire flower, tanooki tail, gliding sections, underwater sections, coins and vehicle customisation.

The Gyro Controls are a novelty; similar to the Wii, except you use your entire 3DS as a steering wheel and your view switches to first person. It can be entertaining playing in this fashion, but it's more or less for kicks.

The new items being the tanooki tail and fire flower aren't particularly special. The tail allows you to spin attack nearby opponents and deflect items, where else the fire flower allows you to shoot fireballs for a limited amount of time. There is, however, another cool item, known as "7". It gives you seven items at once that will circle your kart, which you can use at your leisure. It's definitely a cool novelty, but that's all it really is.

The gliding and underwater sections don't provide any real change to the core gameplay of the game. I cannot put a finger on why, but the whole concept doesn't feel new at all. It may that it was so seamlessly integrated that the experience is just that fluid, or it's just a gimmick. Nonetheless, it's still a nice feature to have.

Another new feature, for better or worse, is that coins are scattered around the track. Yes, veterans will remember there were coins Super Mario Kart for the SNES, but I can't for the life of me remember what they do. In this game, however, they are used to unlock new vehicle parts and speed up your vehicle. Some may enjoy this, but I don't care much for it. I preferred unlocking my items by achievements; now you are given a new part every time you collect 100+ coins (yes, you can't chose what you unlock) and only characters are unlocked inside the GP. Making the GP kind of redundant as you can earn coins online. However, making you earn 20,000 coins to complete the game is just ridiculous for me.

This brings me to the next new feature, customising your vehicle. As I mentioned earlier, you unlock parts with coins. These parts are separated into 3 categories: the body, wheels and the glider. They all affect multiple stats, which allow you to mix and match to get the stats you want. This is a neat feature, but what it also doesn't explain very well is that your character's weight class also affects your vehicle; there are 17 characters that are separated into different weight classes. You can easily beat the single player section with whatever combination you want, but unfortunately not all stats are equal, so you may and will find yourself unlocking a lot of useless parts that you will never use until you get something you like.


This is where Mario Kart 7 shines, and where the series always have. You choose between battle or VS, you can play online or locally and you rack up VR points and Coins by playing multiplayer too!

If you ever wanted to know just how good you are at Mario Kart, online is the place to do it, and the replay becomes near endless because of this feature. Although you can't add people you play with randomly, or talk to them (come on this is Nintendo, you should know they won't allow that), it's still fun leaving real people in the dirt, as they act very different to the AI.

If you want to get this game, you won't be getting it for the GP, because online is where it's at, and if you have friends to play with; even better. There's nothing like kicking butt and getting competitive with people you know. There's nothing new here, but there's nothing missing either. If you enjoyed the experience on the Wii, you will enjoy it here too.

Closing Comments

There are a few features that may be worth going into detail about, but all of it is moot because you either love Mario Kart or you don't. For those who haven't played it before, start here, it is friendly and has a vibrant online community which you can play with anywhere and anytime.

It is a bundle of fun in a little card, where it's biggest fault is that it doesn't offer anything new.


Looking for free Mario games truly? Well, that is not difficult to say anymore. We have recently the internet which we can say, it can provide almost all factors we want to know and free super Mario games can be found in there, for sure.
When the Wii first launched, it came with some games to whet your appetite. Two of these go on for becoming Wii game titles. I refer, of course, to Wii sports and Zelda. Nintendo were praised obtaining kids off their butts so they got exercise while gaming. Wii Sports the pioneer, that's one rather successful games ever introduced. Whether you want to play tennis, or baseball, or go bowling, the whole family may play together this will lot of laughs. Zelda transported us to a world where mystery and fantasy became one in particular. There have been several sequels, but many rate acquainted with as really best.
But your past end, will be it provides Mario, fat loss the oldest video game characters in existence, such sway and status? Your search is over than your first level of your original jocuri cu mario in carucior. It's simple, effective, clean fun that you can enjoy! The Goombas as well in the streets bleeding to death-they disappear after giving up points. One might say they scurried back to Bowser to obtain in the plumber's way again. The turtle-like Koopas don't become road-kill for the buzzards; they retreat within their shells and can be once knock over other enemies in a laughable make. And even the most powerful turtle-dragon-thing in the globe just gets up to kidnap Peach again, regardless how many times he hits molten are great.
PS3: Mass Effect Trilogy. With three Mass Effect games, it manages to strike out a few others. Though the three tales of Shepard differ in quality, the 3-for-1 set earns its seat located on the bench. Admittedly, this possibly be largely much less examiner apparently hasn't played many PS3 games released in 2012 (most were 2011).
There can be extremely many free online games perform it will utterly amaze you. You hundreds of action games like battleship. There furthermore dozens of various bachelorette party games simply for girls. Possibilities even games for kids to play together. Adults will look for a variety of card games and strategy games to assist keep them entertained too. Crucial category of adults games gaining in popularity include the casino games. Now you do don't have to leave your house to play in a texas hold em tournament.
Mario Games: A Family Tradition

Mario games are awesome computer games that I loved as a kid and it's hard to admit that until now I still enjoy playing these Nintendo games. Imagine a tiny plumber Mario, conquering a dragon spitting out big balls of fire - saving the princess is his ultimate quest. It is a lot of fun just how colourful and improved the graphics of the games has been developed over the years.

Nintendo has never failed to innovate Mario games to still appeal to the children of today's generation. Mario games has definitely become a tradition - a family tradition, actually, that has passed on through generations and as a parent I would not think twice of introducing it to my children and allowing them to fall in love with it as much as I have fallen in love with this game. Unlike some video games that could really get violent, Mario games are very kid-friendly that no adult would prohibit a child from playing.

Over the years, Mario games had created many equally fun games from role playing games to solving puzzles, from sports to racing and so much more. From Mario being the popular character of the game, Nintendo created several other characters to choose from. Luigi is Mario's brother, Princess Peach, Mushroom, Baby Mario and a lot more characters that make the games really interesting. Those varieties, I mentioned, made it so much more appealing to kids and to parents, as well. These games are not just for fun, they are also educational.

Solving puzzles make kids think and analyze situations. When it comes to sports, they are able to understand the rules of the game and develop skills of thinking fast and accurate. It enhances a child's computer literacy. When a kid gets bored playing a certain computer game, he tends to explore the internet and the computer controls which makes him develop computer skills.

There are Mario games available online. These are commonly adventure games wherein Mario, controlled by the player, finds his way to saving the princess. On his way to finding the princess, there are many battles that have to be won and power ups to earn along the way. These power ups would help you attain more lives to survive the increasing level of difficulty of the game. It helps the player learn critical thinking and analyzing, problem solving and dexterity. Kids who love playing video games grow up to be knowledgeable about computers. However, we still encourage parents and guardians to supervise your children when using the internet because children love to explore out of curiosity. Moderate use of the computer may still be enforced for your child's physical and social interaction with other children in the community.

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